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Emily Eyler, Director

Becky Skirpan, Assistant Librarian

Tanner Link, Library Clerk 

Leah Ames, Library Clerk

Vanessa Geary, Children's Librarian

Board of Directors

Elaine Kennedy, President
Emily Shoup, Vice President
Kelly Ward, Secretary
Chelsey Bordo, Treasurer

Ralph Bartoletti

Ashley Dougherty
Karen Boris

Annette Iannetti


  Our History  

The Burgettstown Community Library came into being in the early 1940s, a product of the efforts of the Junior Women’s Club.  Its first location was on Railroad Street, in the Culley Building.  

From there it was moved to the old McMurray building, then to its present location on Kerr Street, when the original building was constructed in 1956.  

In 1975, a significant expansion program was begun, aimed at joining the original Library and the adjacent education building, belonging to the Burgettstown Area School District.  

This move resulted in a quadrupling of space, as well as providing a large, well-equipped meeting room, and a display room for the Fort Vance Historical Society.  

2004 marked yet another expansion.  A generous bequest from the estate of Eugene and Nell Petrucci provided matching funds for a Keystone Grant.  

The grant, written with the guidance of Phil Esno, enabled the library to not only expand and renovate, but to create a new parking facility and improved handicapped accessibility.

In its long history, the Burgettstown Community Library is indebted to several long-serving, gracious and generous people:

    Katherine Pyle, who was with the library since its beginning, served the library until her retirement in 1974.

     Elizabeth Scott, who was called into the institution in its infancy, and who later helped design the original building while serving as Acting Librarian.

     Roberta Lee, a very active member of the Junior Women's Club of Burgettstown was instrumental in the formation of the library.

     Arletta Zelenko, who served the library for over twenty years and helped the library transition during its last period of expansion and renovation.

In addition, there are countless others who, while unnamed, helped create and nourish the library and foster a truly unique legacy.  

It is this legacy that causes each generation to take pride in this community asset.....our library.  And every year we add new materials, new services and new programs to continue that vision and that legacy.

Original library in the Culley Building, on Railroad Street
The McMurray home, later to become the second home of the Burgettstown Community Library
Early 1950s exterior view of the library
The current Burgettstown Community Library, dedicated November 13, 2004
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