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General Reference Resources

An internet search engine for just about anything.  Ask a question, get an answer!

A library and an encyclopedia all in one!  Your one-stop shop for all your information needs--free and available to you on the internet!

The free, online version of the great encyclopedia--containing articles, images, quizzes and much, much more.

A search engine designed primarily for kids!  With colorful, animated menus, erupting volcanoes and a helpful dinosaur guide.  (Must have valid WAGGIN card to access - see library for more details.)

A set of fun, interactive games for practicing your language skills, as well as a host of other subjects.

A collection of games and resources for just about every subject!

A companion site to the television network, with videos, activities, games and other cool interactive content--starring many of your favorite characters!

Tips, guides and other resources to help you get through and make the most of school, provided by Scholastic!

A database of over 3,000 photos/images/sound bites/graphics, created by the Associated Press and capturing some of the greatest events in world history.

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