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Teen Book Resources

An award for books written with a special appeal to teen readers.

Bibliographic articles on over 100,000 writers—historic and contemporary.

A reading site devoted entirely to guys, about the stuff guys wanna read and know about.

A review site for graphic novels, manga and anime.

An online magazine devote to teen writing, artwork and videos.

Our classic catalog for all things analog--books, audiobook, DVDs, CDs and more! (must have valid WAGGIN card to access - see library for more details).

Bartleby’s Familiar Quotations, the King James Bible, the Oxford Shakespeare, Gray’s Anatomy, Strunk’s Elements of Style and the World FactBook—all in one free, online resource.

A compilation of over 1,450 books, novels, short stories, and plays that have been made into movies.

Social media for book lovers!  Review what you’re reading. Find recommendations.  Compile a reading list.

An award for the best books written for teens.

Free online reading guides and critical essays on classic (and not so classic) literature.

A website for teen readers—featuring author interviews, book descriptions and sneak-peaks of upcoming releases.

A ginormous list of authors whose writing is primarily geared towards teens.

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